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Dausy Artisan

Dausy Artisan is a collection of hand-crafted soaps, skin care and bath products, all made of basic, natural ingredients and enhanced by rich tropical butters, herbs and botanicals. Everything is made in small batches to present and maintain a fresh, natural product. Dausy Artisan products contain select essential oils, phthalate-free fragrances, and no parabens or harsh chemicals. 


We form our warm, fresh soap into loaves, and each batch forms its own unique design and character as it is poured, sculpted and accented. We cure the soap “in the loaf”, and cut the individual bars when ordered, so these soaps really hold their scents. This individual attention to detail creates beautifully distinct soap in which no two slices look exactly alike. All of the artisan soaps we offer are available in slices, half-slices, guest bars, and mini-loaves.


                                                                                                                SKIN CARE

Our Salt and Sugar Scrubs and Moisturizing Cremes are completely preservative-free, consisting of a blend of fresh, pure oils and tropical butters formulated to hydrate and nourish your skin.