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Hand Forged Duck Head Hand Forged Leaf Twist Hand Forged Ram's Head

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The ringing of the blacksmith’s anvil, the swish of a razor sharp saw cutting a dovetail joint, the clack of the loom’s heddle, the crackle of a wood fire as the potter’s kiln is heated to 2,400 degrees, the smell of grass-fed beef burgers being grilled–these are the sounds and smells of the Homestead Craft Village.

In a day where cheap, mass-produced merchandise is ubiquitous, it’s rare to find products that are created one at a time, by a single craftsman using time-tested tools and techniques. This community of artisan craftsmen has returned, not to the past, but to the enduring values exemplified in handcraftsmanship. True craft requires more than skill: it expresses the craftsmen’s care and concern, their personal investment in everything they create.

Every product created for Heritage Fine Crafts is made to last for many lifetimes. The beauty of integrity and commitment to the finest details shine through in every piece. The backs and bottoms of our furniture are just as beautiful as the fronts and our craftsmen sign and date their handiwork as their personal guarantee of its integrity and quality. These heirlooms are created with a passion and love for the craft and are waiting to be loved and passed on to succeeding generations.
Come visit the shops of our craft village, watch our craftsmen work, even attend classes to learn craft skills and, in all this, experience with our craftsmen the joy and fulfillment of returning to craft, the art of work.